When A Person Buys Google Site For 3 Dollars

When A Person Buys Google Site For 3 Dollars

Everyone agrees that Google.com is the most visited website in the world because this search engine is used by almost every user and it is difficult to estimate its value at the moment? What happens when someone buys it for a few dollars?

Yes, that’s right you can now become known as a Lord of the Rings, but not as much as Google.com.

Nicholas Curna, from Buenos Aires, said he learned of the company’s service downtime from friends’ WhatsApp messages.

However, instead of waiting for the service to be restored like others when the service went down, Nicholas went to Argentina’s domain name registry, NIC Argentina, to see if he could resolve the issue.

There he searched Google’s URL google.com.ar and found that the domain was available for 270 pesos (about 3 dollars).

“The domain had expired and I could buy it. I was relieved when I received the purchase receipt,” Nicholas tweeted.

“When the purchase was completed and my data was seen, I knew something was going to happen. I couldn’t believe how it happened,” Nicholas told the BBC.

Nicholas said he had no bad intentions, he was just trying to buy and the NIC gave him permission.

This is surprising because Google’s domain name license in Argentina was not due to expire in July 2021, so there is currently no clear reason why this happened.

As far as Nicholas is concerned, his ownership of Google was very short and once again it has come under the control of Google, not even 270 pesos has been returned to him.

By the way, Nicholas had bought a Google domain in Argentina, but in 2015 there was a lucky person who bought the entire Google.com for a few dollars.

San May Wade, a former Google official, bought Google Dot for a minute.

According to San May Wade, he was reviewing Google’s website domain purchase site when he noticed that Google.com was also available for purchase.

And most interestingly, the world’s most trafficked domain cost only 12 dollars.

“I’ve worked at Google and that’s why when I typed Google.com, I was surprised to find that it could be purchased. At first, I thought it was a mistake, but the whole purchase process Done.

They also received emails based on site insider information when they made a purchase from Google, and surprisingly, they also had access to Webmaster Controls for one minute.

However, his rule over Google lasted only a minute, after which Google Domains canceled the purchase and returned 12 12 to San May Wade.

However, San May says that although I only had access to the controls for one minute, now I can at least say that I am the person who owned Google.com for one minute.