Donald Trump Introduces His Own Social Media Platform

Donald Trump Introduces His Own Social Media Platform

Former US President Donald Trump has introduced a new section of his website after promising his social media network to users who have been banned for months.

This ‘social media platform’ is basically a blog with a style similar to Twitter, but it will be hosted by Donald Trump.

People will be able to sign up for post alerts and allegedly like them with the help of email and phone numbers on this platform.

Users will also be able to share Donald Trump’s posts on Facebook and Twitter.

The option of sharing from Twitter is not working in this platform at the moment but Facebook has definitely provided this facility.

A Twitter spokesman told technology website Theverge that sharing content with a website reference is generally permitted unless it violates Twitter’s rules.

The platform was officially launched on May 4, but the posts in it are also dated March 24.

Donald Trump’s new post is a video ad for his new platform, calling it a place to talk freely.

Donald Trump will gradually be able to contact his supporters directly, but it is not clear how this will be possible.

The platform was launched at a time when Facebook’s Oversight Board has maintained a ban on Facebook and other social media platforms owned by the former US president.

The former US president’s accounts were permanently blocked by Twitter and Facebook on January 8 when his supporters rioted on Capitol Hill in Washington, killing five people, including a police officer.

Snapchat also locked the former president’s account, while his YouTube account was also suspended.

In the four years of his presidency, Donald Trump has been very active on Twitter.

For a long time, the company did not take action on posts that violated Twitter’s community norms but added warning labels to posts related to the election and the Coronavirus.

Now the new platform for the former US president has been developed by Campaign Nucleus, a digital services company owned by Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Prud Parcel.