Fakhr Alam’s Car Accident While Going on Shooting

Fakhr Alam's Car Accident While Going on Shooting
Fakhr Alam’s Car Accident While Going on Shooting

Host, actor and singer Fakhr Alam was involved in the worst traffic accident while going to the shooting, which caused severe damage to his car.

Fakhr Alam informed the fans about the car accident near Islamabad through his various tweets and also shared the pictures of the truck that hit his car.

Fakhr Alam said in a series of tweets that the truck coming from Chiniot took the wrong U-turn, which caused the accident, because Fakhr-ul-Alam tried to save the vehicle due to the wrong U-turn of the truck, however, Collided with the middle wall.

The actor and singer described the accident as dangerous and said that fortunately, he was wearing a safety belt, which resulted in fewer injuries.

According to Fakhr Alam, the truck driver did not have a driver’s license or ID card, and other documents.

The actor and singer said that the driver showed extreme negligence which led to the accident and such drivers lead to dangerous road accidents across the country.

He also instructed people to wear safety belts while traveling or driving and to report negligent driving to law enforcement agencies.

Fakhr Alam also called on law enforcement agencies to ensure that action is taken against untrained and reckless drivers.

Fakhr Alam told fans that he was pardoned only after the truck driver apologized and admitted his mistake in writing, but added that the rest would be done by the Islamabad police.

Fakhr Alam also shared a picture of the milk tanker that hit his car, but he did not share the picture of his car.

In one photo, Fakhr Alam can be seen wearing a mask at the police station in good health.