Assassination Attack on Najam Sethi’s Wife Jagnu Mohsin

Assassination Attack on Najam Sethi's Wife Jagnu Mohsin

The assassination attempt on the convoy of Punjab Assembly member Syeda Jagnu Mohsin was miraculously saved.

According to details, the attackers had threatened on social media that if Jagnu Mohsin came to hold a rally in Jhajh Kalan, they would attack. Member Punjab Assembly Syeda Jagnu Mohsin held a rally in Jhajh Kalan despite the threat. 

The accused, proving the threat to be true, attacked the convoy with firing and sticks on their way back from the rally. The suspects fled after the attack.

According to sources, the main accused is still at large while his two unidentified accomplices were taken into police custody last night. Raids are being carried out to arrest the main accused.