Abid Sher Ali Fight in London Restaurant with A Pakistani Family

Abid Sher Ali Fight in London Restaurant with A Pakistani Family

LONDON: A quarrel broke out between PML-N leader Abid Sher Ali and a Pakistani family at a British restaurant in which Galum Gluch was exchanged. When the situation deteriorated, the hotel management and other Pakistanis had to intervene.

According to Quora News, Abid Sher Ali was having dinner with his family in a restaurant in London when a woman and her husband came and said something to him which made Abid Sher Ali angry and he started abusing them from both sides. Galum Gluch was exchanged.

The matter escalated to such an extent that the hotel management had to intervene and other Pakistanis present in the hall also started mediating between the two families. Several videos of the case went viral on social media in which an exchange of abuses can be seen. Later, the matter became a top trend on Twitter.

The Pakistani family alleged that Abid Sher Ali broke the queue and entered the restaurant. We had been waiting in line for twenty or thirty minutes when Abid Sher Ali’s family came and bypassed the queue on which we and others People celebrated but ignored it.

The young man in the Pakistani family said that when he left, his mother went to Abid Ali Sher’s table and said that we felt bad, this is Britain, there is no system like Pakistan where you live like Nawabs and jump in line, here All are equal on which Abid Sher Ali uttered the first word abusively, my mother showed him the mirror that you are eating with the money of Pakistani people, Abid Sher Ali and a woman insulted my parents and sold abusive ۔

On the other hand, Abid Sher Ali denied the allegation and said in a video statement released on his Twitter account that our table was already booked, the said Pakistani family was sitting ten to twelve tables away from us and from there she came to us. The woman had a placard in her hand and wanted to create a scene for which she and her husband also cursed.

“I want to send a message to the people of PTI that for the last four to five years, they have been in the habit of hurling insults and making noise, abusing people, hooting and attacking families,” he said. The chain will no longer be tolerated, I send a message to my workers that if any such incident occurs in the future, they will be given a stern response.

He further said that the culture of rudeness being spread by PTI would now be met with a harsher response.