Farhan Akhtar’s New Movie Toofan Accused of Promoting Love Jihad


Farhan Akhtar's New Movie Toofan Accused of Promoting Love Jihad

Quora News: Indian actor Farhan Akhtar’s upcoming sports film ‘Toofan’, showing him loving the Hindu character, narrow-minded Indians launched a campaign against him on Twitter and demanded a ‘boycott’ of his film.

According to India Times, after actor Farhan Akhtar and other team shared the teaser trailer of ‘Toofan’, people started the trend of ‘boycott’ of the film on Twitter.

Many people, citing the romance between the film’s main character Aziz Ali (Farhan Akhtar) and Pooja, accused the film’s ‘Love Jihad’ team of fostering.

Extremist Indians call the love between Hindu women and Muslim men ‘Love Jihad’ and claim that Muslim boys trap Hindu girls in love and marry them and then change their religion.

In ‘Toofan’, Farhan Akhtar has played the role of Muslim boxer Aziz Ali and in the film, he is shown falling in love with Hindu girl Dr. Ananya Pooja.

People objected to this and accused the film of promoting ‘Love Jihad’ and demanded a boycott of it.

Interestingly, the film’s director Rakesh Om Prakash Mehra and other cast members belong to the Hindu religion, but people criticized Farhan Akhtar on Twitter.

Apart from Farhan Akhtar, ‘Toofan’ also stars Paresh Rawal and Marnal Thakur.

In this regard, the Free Press Journal said that people strongly criticized Farhan Akhtar and accused him of sharing a map of occupied Kashmir on social media in the past, which is shared by separatist Kashmiri people and the said maps. I did not show Kashmir as part of India.

People demanded that Farhan Akhtar’s film ‘Toofan’, which did not recognize Occupied Kashmir as part of India, be boycotted as it promotes ‘Love Jihad’ which is against Hindu customs and values.

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