Fire in Turkey In More Than 60 Places,  At Least Three People Were Killed and 140 Injured

ANKARA: At least three people were killed and 140 others were injured in a devastating fire in more than 60 places in southern Turkey.

According to a foreign news agency, terrible fires broke out in more than 60 different places in the forests of the south of Turkey, which immediately engulfed the surrounding areas. The fires have so far affected several villages and hotels. It has been evacuated while 3 people have also been killed.

According to Turkish officials, the blaze broke out in about 60 places in 17 provinces bordering the Aegean and Rome, causing widespread destruction. The fire has been brought under control but firefighting efforts are underway at 17 more places.

Turkish officials say the blaze has injured about 140 people who have been taken to hospital, and that 18 villages in Antalya and 16 villages in Adana and Mersin have been evacuated due to fears of a fire. Has been done.

On the other hand, the Turkish administration has expressed concern that the fire was set deliberately, which is under investigation, while President Erdogan has also ordered action against those responsible.

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