PS5: A New Update Has Just Arrived on the Sony Console!

PS5: A New Update Has Just Arrived on the Sony Console!

Quora News: Sony is going to spoil gamers this month with a bunch of new stuff! Indeed, the Japanese are deploying an update for their console: the PS5.

New products arrive on the famous living room console. Indeed, the PS5 offers itself a new update this month. A small update certainly, minor, but which is pleasing. Thus, the latest Sony console will be entitled to its share of updates. This, to improve the experience of the players. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.


Sony’s update is very timely, it seems . Indeed, the PS5 will be entitled to a small update for the pleasure of all.

Since its launch last November, the console has had a few updates , but not the most significant. Indeed, there was nothing very foolish.

Except last April, where a first major update saw the light of day. It then made it possible to store games on a completely different hard drive, for example.

The update that will be rolling out soon will not have the same scope . Indeed, this is a minor update, rather classic in short.

Last month already, we were treated to a slight patch that simply dealt with one detail. The controller battery icon that activated randomly.

This is therefore version A succession of figures which are in themselves very barbaric. All the more so as this one will remain more or less long to be done.

This will however improve some software points. Particularly in terms of the stability of the system of the flagship console from Sony .

However, count 902 MB of downloads . If on paper, it does not offer much, it could however correct some concerns that we would not have thought of!

All PlayStation tells us is that this is a “system software update” that  “improves system performance”. But still ? 


This Thursday, July 8, 2021 comes a brand new system update for the PS5 . An update that weighs its weight, with 902.4 MB for download.

This will first of all correct all the small technical problems. As failures at the level of the DualSense as identified with the previous update .

In the meantime, many patches have emerged on the console. It is therefore a safe bet that this update also hides its share of fixes , without Sony making noise about it.

Some therefore expect a few surprises, beyond just updating the system. This could also relate to the beta phase of the next large-scale update.

Hypothesis favored here and there, in particular by our colleagues from JVC . It remains to be seen what the Japanese have in store for the future of the PS5 .

For the time being, the start date of this beta has not been defined by the firm . We just know that it will be possible to test certain functions in preview.

Sony could already have disseminated certain elements that will make it possible to run this beta once the big day comes . Case to be continued …