Arshad Nadeem Fails to Win Medal in Tokyo Olympics Javelin Throw

Arshad Nadeem Fails to Win Medal in Tokyo Olympics Javelin Throw
Arshad Nadeem finished fifth in the Julian Throw final, file photo: AFP

At the Tokyo Olympics 2020, Pakistani athlete Arshad Nadeem dropped out of the medal race in the javelin throw and India’s Neeraj Chopra took first place to give his country its first gold medal.

Arshad Nadeem threw his first throw 82.40 meters, but the medal struggle was thwarted when he was fouled in the second throw.

India’s Neeraj Chopra finished first with a throw of 87.58 meters and his throw in the first round proved to be enough to make him the champion.

Neeraj crossed the 87-meter mark

 He was the only athlete in the throw and managed to do so in the first two throws, but his third throw was only 76.79 meters.

Arshad Nadeem made a brilliant low back in the third throw with a throw of 84.62 meters and came fourth in the medal race.

At the end of three rounds of the first round, Arshad finished fourth and qualified for the final, while world number one Johannes Waiter from Germany was eliminated in the Julian throw.

The start of the final round

Arshad Nadeem threw 82.91m in the first innings of the final round and retained his fourth position while India’s Neeraj Chopra missed the first throw as he over strapped.

In the second round of the final round, Arshad Nadeem made a throw of 81.98 meters, as a result of which he dropped one place to fifth position while the second throw of the Indian athlete was also lost.

In the last throw of the final round, Arshad Nadeem hit the cross line while throwing and fouled.

Arshad Nadeem missed two of the six throws and thus finished fifth in the javelin throw.

Neeraj Chopra won the gold medal by taking the first position and became the first athlete to win an athletics medal for India by making history.

Athlete Jacob Weldich of the Czech Republic won the silver medal with second place, while his compatriot Vitalzlev Wesley won the bronze medal.

It is to be noted that Arshad Nadeem had managed to make it to the final of 12 athletes to win a gold medal in the Olympic Julian Throw.

The Mian Channu athlete also won the 86.38m long throw of the season.

In the final, Arshad competed for the gold medal against world number one Johannes Waiter of Germany and world number two John Zelsny of the Czech Republic for throwing a long throw of 97.76 meters.

Earlier this week, the Pakistani athlete kept Pakistan’s hopes of winning a medal alive with the longest throw of 85.16 meters in the qualifying round.