Hareem Shah Ready to Act In 'Raz'

Hareem Shah Ready to Rct In 'Raz'

TikTok star Hareem Shah, who gained fame by making videos with politicians and celebrities, will soon be seen acting.

Although Hareem Shah is seen acting in dialogues of various films and dramas, including dance performances on various songs in Tik Tak and Instagram videos.

However, now she will also be seen in official acting.

Yes, Hareem Shah will soon be seen in action in a horror series of Pakistan's first streaming website Urdu Flex.

Sharing photos of Hareem Shah on Urdu Flix's Instagram, he said that Tik Tak Star has signed a contract with him to debut in his upcoming series 'Raz'.

 Private company ready to introduce streaming site 'Urdu Flex'

At the same time, the hashtag 'Raz' was used while sharing the photo of Hareem Shah signing the agreement.

Another photo of Hareem Shah was also shared on Urdu Flix's Instagram and it was said that Tuck Tucker will soon be seen making his acting debut from the series.

Later, Hareem Shah also shared a promo of 'Raz', in which his first glimpse was also shown.

According to the promo, the story of 'Raz' is written by Mansoor Saeed while it will be directed by Asad Ali Zaidi and produced by Farhan Gohar.

Hareem Shah and Urdu Flix did not elaborate further on 'Raz' as to which other actors are included in its cast.

Although Urdu Flex has not been introduced yet, according to the company, they are working on several projects and shooting many series, films and dramas at the same time.

Regarding Urdu Flex, it was initially announced in November 2020 and later in December it was announced that it will be officially introduced to the users by January 2021.

However, Urdu Flex has not yet been introduced to users for viewing content, although its website and social media pages have been introduced.

According to posts published on Urdu Flex's social media pages, the company is simultaneously producing several web series, feature films, documentaries and dramas.

It is thought that Urdu Flex will be introduced for viewing content by the middle of this year, but it is too early to say.

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