Pink WhatsApp Link Will Hack Your Phone

Pink WhatsApp Link Will Hack Your Phone

According to cyber experts, the link claiming to change WhatsApp to pink is a virus and it can hack your mobile phone.

According to the details, a link claiming to make WhatsApp pink is circulating, cyber experts have warned that it is a virus and it can hack your mobile phone.

Cyber ​​experts have warned WhatsApp users not to fall prey to virus links that claim to turn WhatsApp into pink. Clicking on this link will hack users’ phones and make their WhatsApp Will lose access to

This link is circulating in various WhatsApp groups. Raj Shekhar Raja Hariya, a cybersecurity expert, said don’t click on any link with the name WhatsApp Punk, if you click, your mobile phone will be hacked and you will lose full access to your own phone. Will go

The cyber intelligence firm has strongly advised WhatsApp users not to install any app other than Google or Apple’s official app store.

Cyber ​​experts further say that by using the wrong app you compromise on your phone and through this app, your personal data like photos, SMS, and contacts, etc. can be stolen. Keyboard-based malware can be used to track everything you type.

Cybersecurity warns that clicking on such a link can not only capture your banking password but also steal your account.