US: Family Offloaded From Plane for a Baby Not Wearing a Mask, Entire Ship Evacuated in Protest

The crew disembarked the entire family, including the pregnant mother, for not wearing the mask of a two-year-old child on a domestic flight to the United States.

A video has also surfaced on social media in this regard.

According to sources, the flight of Spirit Airlines from Orlando, Florida to New York was ready for departure when the flight attendant started arguing with the Orthodox Jewish family on board for not wearing the mask of the infant.

With the family, their two-year-old son was not wearing a mask because he was eating yogurt on his mother's lap.

The flight attendant ordered the father to get off the flight with the child as the child was not wearing a mask.

The passengers of the plane were watching the scene in silence. The father of the child told the crew that the child was not wearing a mask because of eating yogurt. Now he will wear a mask.

The baby's father referred his 7-month-pregnant wife to the crew, saying their second child needed special care, but the flight attendant did not listen and took the family off the flight.

But with them, all the passengers on board began to disembark with their luggage, and in a few minutes, the ship became empty. After which the airline's pilot and ground staff had to intervene.

About an hour later, the entire flight, including the victim's family, was ready for the flight, but the only person who dropped off the family, including the two-year-old child, was not allowed to board the flight again.

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