Taiwan: 7-Year-Old Boy Was Killed During A Karate Class

Taiwan: 7-Year-Old Boy Was Killed During A Karate Class


Quora News TEIPAI: A 7-year-old boy who went into a coma after being knocked to the ground 27 times by a karate coach in Taiwan died in hospital 70 days later.

A 7-year-old boy was brought to Feng Yuan Hospital in critical condition on April 21 this year in Taiwan, according to the International News Agency. The coach allegedly knocked the child to the ground more than two dozen times during a karate class, causing little John Brain to hemorrhage.

The child went into a coma due to serious brain injuries. The baby was admitted to the intensive care unit, but doctors were unable to save the baby despite 70 days of hard work.

The child’s parents blamed the 60-year-old karate trainer for the child’s death, saying the child was physically abused during a karate class. Police registered a case against the karate coach at the request of the parents.

The boy’s karate coach has been granted pre-arrest bail by the court for 3,583 Dollars after a case was registered with the police.